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Penmoor vs Devizes B

This past week Penmoor welcomed Devizes B.

Devizes B were let down by 2nd pairing player who never turn’t up and made it difficult with both pairings having to continually playing game after game.

First pairing Kieran & Vernon were the only guys who lost after a poor start from Vernon they made it to 1-1 where they were clearly on top but unfortunately another bad turn from both players meant they lost 1-2.

John & Mark were made to work for wins with 2-1 win & 2-0.

Adam & Cameron were also made to work for Wins with 2-1 & 2-0.

Kieran & Vernon finished there night with a 2-0 win in a highly spirited game vs 1st pairing from Devizes.

We would like to say thank you for a highly spirited night from Devizes who will be asking what happened to their second pair player.

Penmoor vs Corsham – mens

Penmoor welcomed a tough test with Corsham who were above them and have been since the first game of the season.

A toughly faught contest between both sides ended up going into the last game between A pairing of Penmoors vs 1st pairing of Corsham.

The game was quickly 1-0 down for Penmoor but they came out fighting with some great shots and positional play. However a moment of unsportsman like conduct threw the match into disrupt as corsham tried to take a point even though clearly violating a rule by reaching over the net to finish off a shot.
Words were exchanged but was resolved until the next point were a clear lack of respect took place by a corsham member who was found to be bringing the game into clear disrupt after swearing under his breathe but was clearly heard by club captain.

Further words were exchanged with the clear outline of if any more swearing (under breathe, towards opponents or own team member) would lead to Penmoor walking off the court and taking the points.

Match continued but clearly Corsham were unhappy at being caught & pulled up on cheating however the match ended with Corsham winning the final game 2-0 and taking the match 4-5.

Unfortunately because the unsportsman like conduct occured we will be following up with the league as we do not take kindly to the arrogant remarks that took place.

Penmoor vs Mid Wilts Ladies

Penmoor went into the game being behind Mid Wilts Ladies and requiring a win.

The teams of:

Kieran & Will
Vernon & John N
John & Chris M

Were said to be upto the challenge but it wasnt as easy as some thought!

Mid Wilts took 1st pairing of Kieran & Will be surprise with a 11-21 win in the first leg which meant one thing; Play to Win with NO MERCY. After that shaky start Kieran & Will won 2-1, 2-0 & 2-0.

John & Chris also suffered a kick in reality with another leg drop with the same pairing but once again came back to win 2-1, 2-0 & 2-0.

Vernon & John N seemed to cruise their games with 2-0, 2-0 & 2-0; however looking over the score cards a few games could have gone either way.

However in the end a great win for Penmoor 9-0 but one spoil sport from MW Ladies had too much to say and caused Abit of un-sportsman like conduct after saracastic comments during the game & to further insult Penmoor a complaint at being smashed against.

However we still like to wish them the best for the season and look forward to the next game in 2014

Aero vs Penmoor – Mixed

After a crushing defeat for Aero to Penmoor the week before in Mens level doubles; we were expecting a tough time of it at Melksham Oak for the mixed doubles.

However this was not the case, another increasing pleasing win for Penmoor.

Team for the night:-

Sarah & Shirley
Kieran & Adam
Vernon & Will

A few tough games where it went to 2-1 but it all ended up as a 9-0 win for Penmoor who are trying to continue there league form in both mixed and level doubles.

Next up is Corsham A for the mixed doubles team; where a Penmoor take on a former player in Duane Peters.

Penmoor vs Aero – Mens

After a disappointing finish to last week in the handicap cup Penmoor looked to bounce back to winning ways with the visit of Aero.

The team of Kieran & Adam, John & Chris, Mark & Cam took all 9 games with only 2 points given away with an 18-2 victory.

Kieran & Adam won all 3 fixtures 2-0.
John & Chris won 2-1, 2-0 & 2-0.
Mark & Cam won 2-1, 2-0 & 2-0.

We would like to thank Aero for making it competitive and we hope we all made you feel welcome.

Freshford vs Penmoor – Handicap Cup

After a tough fixture in the handicap knockout cup vs Freshford; we look back and reflect what could have been a tremendous victory but sadly to say Penmoor lost after starting 125 points ahead due to handicap rules to lose by 19 points.

Next fixture is Level Mens Doubles vs AERO @ Home – St.Laurence school where the team of:-

Kieran & Mark
John & Chris C
Adam & Cameron

Look to get Penmoor back to winning ways.