Penmoor vs Corsham – mens

Penmoor welcomed a tough test with Corsham who were above them and have been since the first game of the season.

A toughly faught contest between both sides ended up going into the last game between A pairing of Penmoors vs 1st pairing of Corsham.

The game was quickly 1-0 down for Penmoor but they came out fighting with some great shots and positional play. However a moment of unsportsman like conduct threw the match into disrupt as corsham tried to take a point even though clearly violating a rule by reaching over the net to finish off a shot.
Words were exchanged but was resolved until the next point were a clear lack of respect took place by a corsham member who was found to be bringing the game into clear disrupt after swearing under his breathe but was clearly heard by club captain.

Further words were exchanged with the clear outline of if any more swearing (under breathe, towards opponents or own team member) would lead to Penmoor walking off the court and taking the points.

Match continued but clearly Corsham were unhappy at being caught & pulled up on cheating however the match ended with Corsham winning the final game 2-0 and taking the match 4-5.

Unfortunately because the unsportsman like conduct occured we will be following up with the league as we do not take kindly to the arrogant remarks that took place.