Penmoor vs Devizes B

This past week Penmoor welcomed Devizes B.

Devizes B were let down by 2nd pairing player who never turn’t up and made it difficult with both pairings having to continually playing game after game.

First pairing Kieran & Vernon were the only guys who lost after a poor start from Vernon they made it to 1-1 where they were clearly on top but unfortunately another bad turn from both players meant they lost 1-2.

John & Mark were made to work for wins with 2-1 win & 2-0.

Adam & Cameron were also made to work for Wins with 2-1 & 2-0.

Kieran & Vernon finished there night with a 2-0 win in a highly spirited game vs 1st pairing from Devizes.

We would like to say thank you for a highly spirited night from Devizes who will be asking what happened to their second pair player.