Penmoor vs Mid Wilts Ladies

Penmoor went into the game being behind Mid Wilts Ladies and requiring a win.

The teams of:

Kieran & Will
Vernon & John N
John & Chris M

Were said to be upto the challenge but it wasnt as easy as some thought!

Mid Wilts took 1st pairing of Kieran & Will be surprise with a 11-21 win in the first leg which meant one thing; Play to Win with NO MERCY. After that shaky start Kieran & Will won 2-1, 2-0 & 2-0.

John & Chris also suffered a kick in reality with another leg drop with the same pairing but once again came back to win 2-1, 2-0 & 2-0.

Vernon & John N seemed to cruise their games with 2-0, 2-0 & 2-0; however looking over the score cards a few games could have gone either way.

However in the end a great win for Penmoor 9-0 but one spoil sport from MW Ladies had too much to say and caused Abit of un-sportsman like conduct after saracastic comments during the game & to further insult Penmoor a complaint at being smashed against.

However we still like to wish them the best for the season and look forward to the next game in 2014

Aero vs Penmoor – Mixed

After a crushing defeat for Aero to Penmoor the week before in Mens level doubles; we were expecting a tough time of it at Melksham Oak for the mixed doubles.

However this was not the case, another increasing pleasing win for Penmoor.

Team for the night:-

Sarah & Shirley
Kieran & Adam
Vernon & Will

A few tough games where it went to 2-1 but it all ended up as a 9-0 win for Penmoor who are trying to continue there league form in both mixed and level doubles.

Next up is Corsham A for the mixed doubles team; where a Penmoor take on a former player in Duane Peters.

Penmoor vs Aero – Mens

After a disappointing finish to last week in the handicap cup Penmoor looked to bounce back to winning ways with the visit of Aero.

The team of Kieran & Adam, John & Chris, Mark & Cam took all 9 games with only 2 points given away with an 18-2 victory.

Kieran & Adam won all 3 fixtures 2-0.
John & Chris won 2-1, 2-0 & 2-0.
Mark & Cam won 2-1, 2-0 & 2-0.

We would like to thank Aero for making it competitive and we hope we all made you feel welcome.

Freshford vs Penmoor – Handicap Cup

After a tough fixture in the handicap knockout cup vs Freshford; we look back and reflect what could have been a tremendous victory but sadly to say Penmoor lost after starting 125 points ahead due to handicap rules to lose by 19 points.

Next fixture is Level Mens Doubles vs AERO @ Home – St.Laurence school where the team of:-

Kieran & Mark
John & Chris C
Adam & Cameron

Look to get Penmoor back to winning ways.